Fiberflex 40D – Black – Fiberlogy 0.850


Fast and precise. Yes, it is possible. FIBERFLEX 40D is the best proof of this. With this flexible material with a Shore D40 hardness, you can print at 45 mm/s without worrying about print quality. What’s more, thanks to FIBERFLEX 40D, you’ll find that printing with flexible filaments doesn’t have to be difficult. Feeding it to the extruder will be extremely easy, and the printed layers will bond well.

Your prints will have properties such as: high impact resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical and abrasion resistance. FIBERFLEX 40D can therefore be used for both amateur and professional applications.


  • rubber elements of machines: seals, elements that often bend
  • ITEMS OR ELEMENTS THEREOF: phone cases, watch straps, heart rate monitors, pedometers
  • Fasteners: flexible hinges
  • TOYS OR THEIR ELEMENTS: tyres, rubber figures
  • Jewellery: bands, bracelets


  • 40D Shore hardness
  • high impact resistance at low temperatures
  • very good thermal, chemical and abrasion resistance


Shore Scale

How to print?

*The following parameters are only suggested print settings for this material. To ensure the best print quality, it is necessary to select the appropriate settings for the specific printer and printing conditions.

  • Nozzle temperature 200-220°C
  • Bed temperature 50-70°C
  • No closed chamber required
  • Fan 50-75%
  • Flow rate 105-110%
  • Print speed < 45 mm/s
  • Surface glass, masking tape
  • Retraction (direct) 1-2 mm
  • Retraction speed 10-30 mm/s
  • Drying conditions 60°C / 4h

*Notes It is recommended to heat the bed to 110°C for easier removal of the print.

Weight 0.850 kg
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FiberFlex 40D 0.850g-Black-Fiberlogy

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FiberFlex 40D 0.850g-Black-Fiberlogy
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FiberFlex 40D 0.850g-Black-Fiberlogy

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