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PLA Strongman 2.85mm -Black Blue-AzureFilm

PLA Strongman

Introducing our PLA Strongman filament, a one-of-a-kind material we developed. Prior to our PLA Strongman, there was no other filament on the market that was as easy to print as PLA, yet had strong properties such as improved strength and durability. We teamed up with one of the top polymer characterization universities and created this strong, impact resistant yet very easy to print filament. PLA Strongman is now used to print drones, bearings, mechanical parts and any products that require greater strength.
PLA Strongman fibre black

Level up your 3D prints with durability and power using our PLA Strongman Black filament.

To learn more about PLA filaments, read our blog.

You can access the technical data sheet here.

Print Recommendations:

  • For best results, print at 200-230°C.
  • The recommended printing table temperature is 50-60°C.
  • Use glass bed, PEI sheet

*Ideal temperature may vary when using different printers.

  • Flexibility: low
  • Strength: Medium (stronger than PLA Original)
  • Durability: medium
  • Difficulty to use: low
  • Shrinkage/Distortion: minimal
  • Solubility: no
  • Available diameter: 2,85 mm
  • Producer.






AZUREFILM STRONGMAN™ PLA Filament is Ultraresistant! Test & Comparison Review

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PLA Strongman 2.85mm -Black Blue-AzureFilm

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