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PLA – Light grey – 3DLine

PLA is a biodegradable plastic made from renewable natural resources, and is one of the most popular materials for 3D printing.
PLA can be used on all common FDM or FFF 3D printers with desktop technology.
Our standard line filaments are manufactured using USA made virgin pellets and EU dyes.
This type of granules is used by many of the leading 3D printing filament manufacturers. When printed, it emits no harmful emissions.

Bulgarian filament

Material parameters:

  • Diameter – 1.75 with accuracy ± 0.03.
  • Weight – 1 kg net weight of material.
  • Length – 340 meters.

Print parameters:

  • t ° nozzle – 210 ± 10 ° C
  • t° bed – 55 °C ± 10 °C


Roll on roll, vacuum packed, with silica gel to maintain optimum humidity.
The vacuum roll is in a cardboard package.

Weight 1 kg

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PLA – Light grey – 3DLine

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