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PLA Plus Strongman- Red – AzureFilm red (made in EU)

PLA Plus Strongman- red , is rigid like ABS filament but retains the functionality of regular PLA material. Filament Strongman was developed to satisfy users’ needs for an easy-to-print material just like regular PLA, with a much improved formula for durability and resistance.

We joined forces with one of the top polymer characterization universities and created a material that is one of a kind on the market. Many of our customers do not like ABS filament as it is difficult to print with because of its properties. Compared to conventional PLA filaments, PLA Strongman is much stronger and impact resistant.

Used for printing drones, bearings and any products that require greater strength. In the video below, you can see how we drop a heavy object onto a regular PLA filament and PLA Strongman. The result? PLA Strongman remained unchanged until the regular PLA filament broke.

As for the temperature resistance of this material, it is equal to that of ordinary PLA filament. For good results you should print at temperatures of 190-210 °C and the table should be heated to 50-60 °C.

Please note that the print temperature range may vary slightly depending on the printer used.

PLA Plus Strongman- red filament has a net weight of 1 kg (2.2 lbs) in rolls with an outer diameter of 210 mm, an inner opening of 60 mm and a width of 62 mm.

The filament is vacuum sealed in a pouch that absorbs moisture and allows the filament to stay fresh and ready for use. The thread diameter is 1,75 mm and is produced in more than 5 different shades.






AZUREFILM STRONGMAN™ PLA Filament is Ultraresistant! Test & Comparison Review

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Weight 1.2 kg
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PLA strongmen-red-Azurefilm

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PLA Plus Strongman- Червен – AzureFilm red (произведен в ЕС)
PLA Plus Strongman- Червен – AzureFilm red (произведен в ЕС)

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