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Full set Hotend – P1P – 0.8mm Hardened steel

Main characteristics of the different nozzle diameters

0.2 mm nozzle
Optimum print fineness
Extremely small distances between layers
More detailed vertical printing surface

0.2 mm nozzle
Optimum print fineness
Smaller diameter extrudes thinner filaments
High resolution horizontal printing surface


0.6 mm and 0.8 mm nozzle
Higher print speed
The larger diameter extrudes more filaments per second, resulting in a higher print speed


The 0.4mm nozzle is widely recognized as the standard nozzle for modern 3D printers due to its optimal balance between print quality and speed. This nozzle size is used in Bambu Lab’s X1 and P1 series 3D printers.


  1. Filaments with carbon fibers, glass fibers, metal or other inorganic particles tend to clog the nozzle with a diameter of 0.2 mm.
  2. For filaments containing carbon fibre or glass fibre, it is highly recommended to use a hardened steel nozzle with a diameter of 0.6 mm to minimise the risk of clogging and abrasion.
  3. Bambu PLA-CF and Bambu PETG-CF have been extensively tested and proven to have a low risk of clogging when printed with a 0.4 mm hardened steel nozzle, while achieving a higher print quality.


If you need to replace your nozzle, you can replace the hot part with the nozzle of the original complete hot part kit or replace the entire complete hot part kit.


  • P1 Series Exclusive
Weight 0.300 kg


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Full set Hotend – P1P – 0.8mm Hardened steel

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