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SIraya Tech Simple 1kg.

Siraya Tech’s Simple series is even easier to print and so easy to wash that it uses a low concentration (15%) of alcohol. It has good resolution, extremely easy to handle and paint.

*It is recommended to let the workpiece dry completely before placing it for rubbing because it absorbs water.


  • Easy to clean – can be washed with just water or 15% alcohol.
  • Low viscosity with low peel force – Simple has the lowest peel force and allows high-speed printing and for large printers.
  • High resolution and can work great on large printers. It is 8K capable.
  • Low odor in the 3D printing process and will not be yellowish like most transparent resins.
  • Transparency – Simple Clear can be restored to full transparency with minimal post-processing.Siraya Tech


  • Making models
  • Optical and transparent design.
  • Easy to paint for DIY projects
  • High-speed printing

Siraya Tech

Siraya Tech


Weight 1 kg


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SIraya Tech Simple 1kg.

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