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Create with the captivating shades of PLA’s Rainbow Lavender silk thread, featuring pistachio green, blue and pink.

PLA silk

Meet our PLA Silk filaments, a special edition of our PLA Original line. PLA Silk fibers have special additives to classic PLA fibers that give the appearance of a shiny, slightly translucent and silky surface. In addition, this material helps to mask the transitions between layers when printing. PLA Silk filaments feature all the traditional characteristics of PLA and deliver consistent results. They are the best choice for 3D printing decorative items such as vases, figurines, accessories, home gadgets and much more.

PLA Silk Rainbow

Meet our PLA Silk Rainbow collection, which is an extension of our Silk range. Building on the foundation of our silk fibre, renowned for its lustrous, translucent and silky finish, this collection introduces a beautiful transition between a range of different colours. Silk Rainbow filaments provide a natural transition between colors every few meters on the reel. Immerse yourself in the world of the rainbow!

PLA silk thread Rainbow Lavender

Create with the captivating shades of PLA Silk filament Rainbow Lavender including pistachio green, blue and pink. colors change every 5-10 meters of filament, creating dynamic and ever-changing color combinations in your 3D projects.

Print Recommendations:

  • For best results, print at 220-240°C.
  • The recommended printing table temperature is 80°C.
  • Use a glass bed, PEI sheet, Kapton or blue tape for the build platform with 3Dlac spray.

Characteristics and properties

  • Flexibility: low
  • Strength: Medium
  • Durability: medium
  • Difficulty to use: low
  • Shrinkage/deformation: minimal
  • Solubility: no
  • Available diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Producer.


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Silk Rainbow – Lavender – AzureFilm

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