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PolyMide™ PA6-CF is a carbon fiber reinforced PA6 (nylon 6) filament. The carbon fiber reinforcement provides significantly improved stiffness, strength and heat resistance with exceptional layer adhesion.

Settings for printing, drying and annealing?

  • Printing temperature: 280˚C – 300˚C
  • Bed temperature: 25˚C – 50˚C
  • Print speed: 30 mm/s – 60 mm/s
  • Fan: OFF.

Direct drive:

  • Retraction distance: 3mm
  • Retraction speed: 40 mm/s
  • Indirect drive:
  • Retraction distance: 6 mm
  • Retraction speed: 60 mm/s
  • Drying settings: 100˚C for 8 hours *(Only if the material has absorbed moisture)
  • Heat settings: 80˚ for 6 hours


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PolyMide – PA6 + CF – Black – PolyMaker

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