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PolyLite PLA + CF – Black – Polymaker

PolyLite PLA + CF - Black - Polymaker

PolyLite™ is a series of 3D printing filaments made from the finest raw materials to ensure exceptional quality and reliability.

PolyLite™ PLA-CF is a carbon fibre reinforced PLA filament containing 8% milled carbon fibre , created from scratch to print rigid patterns with a high quality matt surface finish. PolyLite PLA-CF combines rigidity and excellent stability with a smooth-looking matte surface finish that hides the layers.


Frosted Surface – PolyLite™ PLA-CF contains 8% carbon fiber, making the parts with a smooth frosted carbon fiber surface that is highly desired by hobbyists and designers. Carbon fibre felts for engineering applications have excellent coverage for aesthetic patterns but are generally expensive for artistic applications, exhibit a grainier surface finish depending on CF content and in the case of CF Nylon are more susceptible to moisture absorption. PolyLite™ PLA-CF is the ideal choice for applications that require an easy-to-use, cost-effective filament with a smooth-looking carbon fiber surface coating that hides the layers.

Mechanical Properties [1] – PolyLite™ PLA-CF offers a balance between high stiffness, good strength and improved durability for projects requiring a balance between aesthetics and functionality. The base material of PolyLite™ PLA-CF is Polymakers’ environmentally friendly Matte PLA (PolyTerra™ PLA) formulation, which exhibits lower hardness and strength but better impact resistance (X-Y) than regular PLA/PolyLite™ PLA. The combination of this Matte PLA formulation and milled carbon fiber results in a high quality PLA-CF material with a similar Young’s Modulus (stiffness) and better durability than PolyLite™ PLA, as well as better tensile strength (X-Y) than the base PLA material, PolyTerra™ PLA.

Easy to print – High quality PLA with carbon fibre, PolyLite™ PLA-CF features excellent dimensional accuracy and is manufactured using Polymakers Jam-Free™ technology, resulting in excellent print quality with zero risk of nozzle clogging caused by thermal creep [2]. PolyLite™ PLA-CF works well on most printing surfaces with a bed temperature of 25°C – 60°C and a thin layer of adhesive applied.

Uncompromising quality – PolyLite™ PLA-CF filament is made with the highest quality ingredients, including Ingeo® from Natureworks. Natureworks is a leading US-based global supplier of biopolymers with a portfolio of high-quality PLA feedstocks made from rapidly renewable plant resources. Combining Polymakers’ innovative R&D technologies, blending and extrusion systems with Natureworks’ Ingeo® resins yields a reliable 3D printing filament that prints beautiful and accurate models

1] This PLA-CF fiber is based on the Polymakers Matte PolyTerra™ PLA formulation, not PolyLite™ PLA. In order to accurately compare the change in mechanical properties, we recommend comparing PolyLite PLA-CF to an unreinforced base material (PolyTerra™ PLA) rather than to plain PLA/PolyLite™ PLA.
[2] Thermal creep is the process of heat spreading unevenly throughout a hotend, a common example being in all metal hotend structures. Once the heat creeps to the cold end, the PLA filament softens prematurely at the cold end and expands, causing a jam. Polymakers’ Jam-Free™ technology increases the heat resistance of the filament itself (not the printed part) up to 100˚C, which prevents the filament from softening prematurely at the cold end and can still melt quickly once it enters the heating zone.



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PolyLite PLA + CF – Black – Polymaker

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