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PolyFlex™️ TPU90, created by Covestro’s Addigy®️ family, is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) based filament designed to provide great flexibility without compromising print speed.

Can my printer print PolyFlex™ TPU90?

We recommend that you use a direct drive printer to print PolyFlex™ TPU90. A direct drive printer is a printer where the extruder is mounted on the hot end.

Settings for printing and drying?

  • Printing temperature: 210˚C – 230˚C
  • Bed temperature: 25˚C – 60˚C
  • Print speed: 30 mm/s – 60 mm/s
  • Fan: on

Direct drive:

  • Retraction distance: 3mm
  • Retraction speed: 40 mm/s
  • Direct drive:
  • Retraction distance: 6 mm
  • Retraction speed: 60 mm/s
  • Drying settings: 70˚C for 8 hours * (Only if the material has absorbed moisture)

What makes PolyFlex™ TPU90 unique?

PolyFlex™ TPU90 is easier to print than similar flexible materials due to its high melt index.

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PolyFlex TPU 90 – Black – PolyMaker 750g

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