A high quality PC/ABS polymer blend based on a special Coversto Bayblend® material suitable for automotive applications and metallization.

  • High quality Polymaker PC-ABS polymer.
  • Excellent impact strength and durability.
  • High heat resistance up to 111.7℃ HDT.
  • Good surface adhesion for metallization/harmless electrostatic coating.
  • Excellent bonding capabilities for painting and welding.
  • Cardboard reel and packaging (made of 100% recycled cardboard)

Polymaker PC-ABS 3D Printing Filament

Polymaker™ PC-ABS is a PC/ABS polymer blend that offers excellent strength and heat resistance while exhibiting good surface finish and good compatibility with metal coatings. Polymaker™ PC-ABS is based on a special blend that is well suited for metallization. Polymaker™ PC-ABS can be metallized by deposition of a metal layer in high vacuum or by electrolytic coating. The post-processing characteristics and heat resistance of Polymaker™ PC-ABS make it an ideal material for automotive interior parts such as dashboards, door handles or dashboards, along with prototyping and general purpose manufacturing applications.


  • Excellent Durability – Polymaker™ PC-ABS is a durable material that offers excellent durability and impact strength by combining the heat resistance of PC with the flexibility of ABS. Polymaker™ PC-ABS is an ideal material for a range of engineering and industrial applications and is a popular choice for automotive parts, functional prototyping and industrial applications requiring heat and impact resistance.
  • Heat resistance – Polymaker™ PC-ABS offers great heat resistance with a deformation temperature of up to 111.7℃ (0.45 MPa), suitable for a wide range of automotive and engineering applications.
  • Good surface finish – Polymaker™ PC-ABS makes parts with a good surface finish and shows good adhesion to the surface, making subsequent machining easier. Polymaker™ PC-ABS is suitable for painting, bonding and specialised surface coatings, for example by electrocoating and metallization. Proper surface preparation is important for the metallization process, but Polymaker™ PC-ABS can be metallized by deposition of a metal layer in high vacuum or by electrodeposition. In the metal deposition process, the best adhesion is achieved with aluminum, tin and copper. As protection for the very thin metal layer, it is recommended to apply paint to the casting. In the case of electrochemical coating, Polymaker™ PC-ABS offers the best adhesion for the electrochemical coating for its first layer.
  • Joining and welding – Polymaker™ PC-ABS parts can be joined by ultrasonic, vibration, friction, hot or laser welding. Polymaker™ PC-ABS parts can be bonded not only to each other but also to other materials. This is possible using suitable adhesives or diffusion adhesive. In the case of adhesives, two-part adhesives based on epoxy and silicone resins and polyurethanes have proven excellent.
  • Formulated for 3D Printing – Using Covestro’s Bayblend® family as the base material, Polymaker™ PC-ABS has been specifically developed for 3D printing to combine excellent mechanical properties and print quality. Bayblend® is a commonly used plastic in the automotive and information technology industries. Housing and a heated bed at 90°C are required; a heated chamber is strongly recommended.
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PC/ABS – Black – PolyMaker

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PC/ABS - Black - PolyMaker
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PC/ABS - Black - PolyMaker

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