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CHT Volcano steel nozzle with Bondtech coating – 0.6

This Bondtech CHT Volcano nozzle increases the melting capacity of your hotend to build faster and save time. It also improves the adhesion of the layers of your 3D prints to create stronger parts.

Advantages of Bondtech CHT VOLcano coated nozzle

  • Higher melting capacity by increasing the surface area of the heating walls
  • Increase in flow rate between 25 and 65% (check the picture with the test data)
  • Competitive price/performance price
  • Made with super precision
  • Brass nozzle with nickel coating
  • It follows the standard for nozzles:
  • Volcano (M6×1×14,5×21)
    *Increase in flow rate may vary. Results depend on the hardware, materials and print settings used.

advantages of Bondtech CHT® technology:

The Bondtech CHT® nozzles divide the filament into 3 thinner filaments, allowing the material to melt from the inside. In this way the material melts faster and higher flow rates can be used.

Advantages of nickel plating

A nickel coating is applied to our plated brass nozzles to provide protection against corrosion, erosion and abrasion. Nickel-plated nozzles have greater corrosion resistance and a lower coefficient of friction, which allows for a slicker material feed and slows plastic sticking to the nozzle surface.

Recommended materials
Use this tip with the following materials:

  • PLA
  • ABS
  • HIPS
  • PC
  • TPU
  • TPE
  • Nylon
  • PETG
  • ASA
  • PP
  • PVA

Different nozzle sets for different materials

We recommend that you have several sets of nozzles as:
The use of different materials with the same nozzles leads to the accumulation of deposits inside the nozzle.
These deposits will cause clogging.
We recommend changing nozzles when changing materials.

This Bondtech CHT nozzle is suitable for the following heaters/blocks:

  • E3D Volcano blocks
  • Other Volcano type blocks
  • Artillery Sidewinder X1 and X2
  • Anycubic Vyper
  • Creality K1
  • FLSUN Super Racer
  • Artillery Genius Pro
  • Anycubic Cobra and Cobra Max
  • Lulzbot TAZ MOARstruder
  • Other compatible with Volcano…
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CHT Volcano steel nozzle with Bondtech coating – 0.6

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