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Polymaker PolyLite™ PLA Starlight-Series is a collection of high quality PLA filaments, each with a unique shimmering iridescence.

  • High Quality Polymaker PLA.
  • Eye-catching iridescent shimmer.
  • Easy to print.
  • The surface coating reflects different colours at different angles of light.
  • High hardness, tensile strength and interlaminar adhesion.
  • Jam-free™ technology improves compatibility with all-metal heaters.

PolyLite™ Starlight PLA is a series of high quality PLA filaments with iridescent pigments that reflect colors differently depending on the position of the light. Each colour is formulated to provide an unusual effect combining a shimmering, shimmering and iridescent surface.


  • Shimmering and iridescent effect – PolyLite™ Starlight PLA is a high quality PLA with a colour changing pigment that reflects different colours depending on the angle of the light. Combined with a shimmering and iridescent surface finish that helps to hide layer lines; Starlight PLA is an excellent choice for stunning props for cosplay, articulated models, puzzles, astronomy models, sci-fi toys, figurines and a wide range of fun and aesthetically pleasing projects.
  • Strength and stiffness – PolyLite™ Starlight PLA is based on the same high molecular weight PLA as PolyLite™ PLA, making it one of the stiffest PLA materials on the market. The combination of good tensile strength, interlayer adhesion and stiffness makes PolyLite™ Starlight PLA ideal for product design and prototyping applications that require a rigid material that is easy to print.
  • Compatibility in mind – PolyLite™ Starlight PLA is compatible with a wide range of 3D printers and works well on most printing surfaces with a thin layer of adhesive applied, bed heating is not required but can sometimes be used at 40 – 60°C for better results (60°C maximum).
  • Jam-Free™ Technology – PolyLite™ Starlight PLA is manufactured with Polymakers’ Jam-Free™ technology, which improves the thermal stability of filament with a softening temperature of over 140°C and results in excellent print quality with zero risk of nozzle clogging caused by thermal creep [1].
  • Uncompromising Quality – PolyLite™ Starlight PLA Filament is manufactured with the highest quality ingredients, including Ingeo® from Natureworks. Natureworks is a leading US-based global supplier of biopolymers with a portfolio of high-quality PLA feedstocks made from rapidly renewable plant resources. Combining Polymakers’ innovative R&D technologies, blending and extrusion systems with Natureworks’ Ingeo® resins yields a reliable 3D printing filament that prints beautiful and accurate models


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PolyLite PLA – Shiny dark green – PolyMaker

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