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Phrozen Resin Bath – 10.1 Sonic Mighty 8k

Product Description

Made with all-metal CNC and anodization, Phrozen’s aluminum resin vat is durable and comes with a stable structure to ensure the printing process runs as smoothly as possible. The resin tub is designed to have a spout, making it very convenient for pouring or changing resin. The FEP film is pre-installed and allows printing to start immediately.

  • Very easy to use
  • durability and stability
  • pre-installed FEP film
  • elegant design
  • suitability for resin

Product Specifications

  • Brand Phrozen
  • Product condition New
  • Sonic Mighty machine series
  • Mighty 8K machine model
  • Types of Resinvat parts
  • Product size (WxDxH) 308 mm x 192 mm x 32 mm


Weight 5 kg

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Phrozen Resin Bath – 10.1 Sonic Mighty 8k

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