PrimaCreator nFEP film for 3D printers

High quality PrimaCreator nFEP film.

PrimaCreator nFEP combines the properties of FEP and PTFE, giving you the ultimate non-stick surface. This reduces the risk of your objects breaking away from the build plate and getting stuck in the tank. Thus, nFEP reduces the risk of failed prints.
Because objects are less likely to stick to the film, less force is required to lift the build plate with each cure cycle, resulting in less strain on the printer motor. This also results in less strain and fewer bending movements on the nFEP sheet itself, making it last longer before it wears out.
nFEP is also smoother than regular FEP to make sure you get the best print quality possible.

PrimaCreator’s nFEP film sheets are made from high quality materials to ensure high light transmission and good reliability. To protect the sheet from wrinkling and scratching, each sheet comes with a protective film on both sides and is packaged in a protective envelope.

The sheet is suitable for most 3D printers using ~13″ LCD displays.


  • Size: 260x390mm.
  • Thickness: 0.15-0.2 mm.
  • Light transmittance: 95%.
  • 1 sheet/pack.

Compatible with:

Most 3D printers using ~13″ LCD displays.

*Please remove the protective film from both sides of the FEP sheet before use.

nFEP film 260x390 - PrimaCreator


Weight 0.05 kg

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nFEP film 260×390 – PrimaCreator

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nFEP film 260x390 - PrimaCreator
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nFEP film 260x390 - PrimaCreator

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