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Flexible Soft 85A – Neon Yellow – 650 g. 1.75mm

Print Recommendations:

  • Nozzle temperature: 200-240°C
  • Bed: 0-80°C recommended
  • Print speed: 10-30 mm/s
  • Recommended: glass bed

Flexible thread 1,75 mm. The hardness of TPU Filament is 85A Shore. Flex Filament is manufactured in Slovenia. The abrasion resistance of TPU filament is 20% better than ABS filament and 68% better than PLA filament.

Recommended print speed:

  • Upper and lower layer: 10-20 mm/sec (600-1200 mm/min)
  • Print speed: 15-35 mm/sec (900-2100 mm/min)


WARNING: If you have trouble printing with flexible filaments, the filament may tangle, which means the filament is wet and needs to be dried for good results

For technical specifications HERE

Flexible Soft 85A – blue 650 g. 1.75mm

Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Filament weight 650g
Filament colour blue
Brand AzureFilm

AzureFilm Flexible Filament 85A Shore - NEW

Weight 0.650 kg
Brands (manufacturers) of filaments

Filament color

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Flexible Soft 85A – Neon Yellow – 0.650g. 1.75mm

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