FlashForge Creator 3 V2 Dual Extruder

Creator 3 Pro implements further optimization of the extruder structure and print motion control. It adopts new-type extruders, optimizes the blowing structure of the extruder and heating unit, configures the upgraded second-generation leveling sensors, changes the position of the extruder sensors, and significantly improves the temperature rise rate of the platform, enabling better print quality and more efficient printing services.


  • Independent Dual Extruders (IDEX)
  • Industrial grade precession
  • Two-fan configuration
  • Large build volume of 300 mm x 250 mm x 200 mm
  • Heated build plate 120°C
  • High temperature extruder 320°C
  • Automatic levelling of the building slab
  • Wide range of compatible filamentsNew heating unit optimization
  • New extruder sensor setting
  • Touch screen
Weight 40 kg

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FlashForge Creator 3 V2 Dual Extruder

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FlashForge Creator 3 V2 Dual Extruder
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FlashForge Creator 3 V2 Dual Extruder

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